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foot fitness cologne
foot fitness cologne

Interested in booking a Foot Fitness Course for you or your company?

 Foot Fitness


Foot Fitness is so much more then just a work-out for your feet: It’s a pro-active approach to working with your body starting from the feet up.


Our feet carry us throughout our lives.They are the foundation upon which almost all movement is based, yet we neglect to give them as much attention as the rest of our body.


Problems with our knee and hip joints as well as back problems can often start at the feet.

Using specially designed Footwakers. 

You will activate,lengthen and ultimately strengthen the muscles of your feet.


The Foot Fitness exercise programme has the positive effect of relieving muscle tension and increasing mobility, improving your gait as well as addressing and working on foot problems such as: fallen and sunken arches, bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Re-awakening the muscles of your feet will have a noticeable and positive effect on the rest of your body.

Footfitness is an essential tool for your feet on a day-to-day basis as well as for all your sports and bodywork activities.

Foot Fitness

Relieves tension

in the muscles

of the feet

Lengthens and strengthens muscles

of the feet


your gait


& helps with

foot problems

Positive effect

on the rest

of the body

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